Easter brunch at 1911

Celebrations call for lip-smacking delicious food without which any glamorous event falls dim. With Easter coming up this weekend, 1911 at The Imperial has arranged an array of rustic European dishes for foodies to gorge onto. Cute little chickens and colourful eggs in baskets set the mood for the occasion. As you enter 1911, you’d be greeted with several paintings of various representatives of the armed hierarchy during British India, hanging on the wall, which would take you back to the early 1900s. Thereafter, the aroma of beautifully lined up dishes would direct you straight to the plates and ladles!

Meat lovers will be on cloud nine to find an array of freshly cooked duck, chicken, lamb, pork, and salmon for brunch. Warm up your tummy starting with Beetroot soup and some delicious salads, for the upcoming amazing main course dishes.

The Roasted beer chicken and the Spinach and salmon strudel are flawlessly presented and might make you wonder which to taste first.  Their Ratatouille will be a huge delight for your tongue with the supple and soft veggies melting in your mouth. As you go ‘nom nom’ on it endlessly, do not forget that there’s a lot more out there to be eaten. An exceptionally good dish and a personal favourite is the Minced lamb pie! The smell of the crunchy pie crust complementing the perfectly cooked lamb stuffing is what food lovers need to uplift their mood in the worst of times. Reminiscing the aroma of the lamb pie alone would transfer one back to the buffet even after a week! Another outstanding dish is the Baked rigatoni – the melted cheese and the pasta with assorted veggies spreading all over your taste buds are yum!

Like a dramatic entry is appreciable, a spectacular conclusion is always welcomed by awe-inspiring eyes. With the entry of a plate of Baba Au Rum, into the dining area, all eyes would focus on the fresh hot yeast-based cake soaking in a syrup rich in rum. Why dramatic you ask? Well, the cake’s on fire – literally. The rum and the sugary syrup is inflammable with a touch of Indian spices in it and is lit while serving guests for a definite visual appeal.

Perfect way to end the meal with a special Flambed Dessert- Baba Au RumThey also have some amazing chocolate eggs and bunnies, for you to gift on Easter, which you’d find difficult to munch on, for how beautiful they look. Rural and traditional cuisine awaits you and your family at 1911 this Easter. Hop in and head straight to the restaurant for a memorable brunch.

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