Devouring divine dimsums

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food,” said Chef Paul Prudhomme. All you need is a comfortable place to eat and a good companion to chatter with.

Summers call for cool hangouts, light food and soothing drinks – Shang Palace, at Shangrila’s Eros Hotel is ready with all the three conditions to host foodies for a culinary trip to China.

Shangri-La Eros Hotel New Delhi

A new addition to the regular menu is overwhelming with innovative dimsums, mains and homemade ice-creams. The interiors of the restaurant have a welcoming aura traditional Chinese trinkets adorning the walls.

With a variety of 14 dimsums prepared using different methods (steamed, fried and pan fried, and baked), one might be too confused to choose. Some of the most outstanding dimsums would be the baked Chicken puff, Eggplant puff, Lamb guo tie, Savoury chicken dumpling and the Water chestnut and mushroom dumpling. The chicken puff’s puffiness is perfect and as you take a bite, the delicious stuffing throws a party to your taste buds.

An absolute attention seeker is the ‘Prawn crackling ball’ – that looks like a firecracker in full bloom in the night sky, only that it’s crunchy and amazingly palatable served on your textured China cutlery! This crackling crispy ball steals the show with some hidden light flavoured prawn inside.

With lesser variety on the mains they have made sure to lay focus on the dimsums, which one should have alongside jasmine tea to experience the ‘yum cha’ tradition from China. Dimsums were traditionally eaten as snacks with multiple cups of tea, which later developed into bite sized fully cooked buns with creative filling.


Shang Palace’s homemade ice creams are a heavenly delight as you scan through the menu. What might you picture in the name of pop-corn ice cream? Or an ice cream made of dehydrated mangoes topped with crisp dried lavender? Well, in the former case, the pop corn is well caramelised which protects it from getting soggy eventually adding an incredible crunch to the creamy cold dessert. The dehydrated mango cubes reminds one of traditional mango leather, only sweeter and purer in form. As a mouthful of the cream laden mango melts in your mouth, a spasm of satisfaction glides down your spine and cools the already full tummy.


The varied authentic Chinese dishes are available throughout summer to enable one a soothing light brunch experience at a reasonable price. Finally, like Erma Bombeck once quoted, “Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.”

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