Indulge in all Italian delights

The fad of eating healthy and organic food is back yet again, now before you set out on a tedious journey of achieving a flat tummy or purposeless thigh gap and determinedly test horrifying effects of weird diets on your anatomy, stop and think – is it only exercise and low-fat food that can save you? The nutritional element of a food item must be taken into account as well, and here comes organic food and its benefits.

With a noticeable shift of people towards fitness and well-being, Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi is celebrating the Global Wellness month all through June with Sorrento presenting to its patrons a new ‘Au Naturel’ menu keeping the Italian tradition alive with a wholesome twist.

The summer-friendly menu, introduced by Executive Chef Neeraj Tyagi, majorly boasts of fabulous Italian seafood dishes. From Atlantic crab salad with thick tomato sauce to flour less potato ravioli, to poached prawns, and sea bass, everything in the menu competes on its way to reaching the top of your favourite pick from the entire meal. Crab salad is not the usual salad you may think of ordering, but the creamy and meaty lump in the middle of the plate surrounded by a red sauce let out an aroma you can never say no to if you are fond of seafood.

Clearing every morsel of it off the plate easing the dishwasher’s job with your clean performance, you might choose to indulge in a platter of poached prawns or a plateful of slow roasted new island duck, or even the lamb which ever suits your palate. There is also an array of healthy cocktails for patrons to delve upon during their meal.

IMG_20170608_150039Becoming an uber cool member of the millennial society is everything people want now, and fitness is a major factor to help one achieve that goal. Talking about fitness and eating healthy, the idea of dessert must literally be dropped. But how would a sweet-tooth feel complete after a meal if no bit of dessert glides down their oesophagus? Well, that has been taken care of as well. Fresh sorbets, accompanied with olive oil cake and flax seed tuile – that’s a dessert at your service, as healthy and delectable as possible. The tuile adds to the much-needed crunch in the combo making the cool and soft items a perfect dessert to die for. The freshness of the sorbet is a delightful experience as the scent and the tiny granules of strawberry make their way into your mouth.

Your gustatory and olfactory nerves would get a treat they well deserve once you have dined at Sorrento for an all Italian ‘Au Naturel’ experience. So this summer, get into the pink of health with the new menu to create an awesome memory.

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