Gorge on these yummy prawn dishes

With the onset of winter, comes an everlasting lust for delicacies which often leads to holiday weight gain! The Spice Route at The Imperial, New Delhi has arranged a mouthwatering list of recipes in order to celebrate winter in a very healthy approach. A brainchild of Chef Veena, Chef De Cuisine at The Spice Route, the menu came into existence more than twenty years ago straight from the Southeast Asian kitchens. From the kitchens of Thailand and Malaysia, the menu takes one to Kerala and Sri Lanka with its specially curated delicacies.

Kung Hom Pha

If you have a weakness for seafood, especially tiger-prawns, what is waiting at the Spice Route will be an appealing surprise for your taste buds. One cannot help but drool over Pla Kung, a tangy prawn starter flavoured with lemongrass and tom yum paste. Take a spoon full of the starter and reach out for more every time your plate looks empty. A very crispy addition to the already great start would be Kung Hom Pha, lemongrass flavoured prawns wrapped in por-pia skin. As you bite into the blanketed prawns dipped in your choice of sauce from the wide assortment on the table, what spreads inside your mouth is a blast of flavours.

Meen Kodan Biryani

Dancing prawns or Kung Tein – charcoal grilled jumbo prawns served with garlic and cilantro dressing, are there to help you beat the chill with some hot and smoky flavours. When it comes to a choice between Biryani and fish, many are left bewildered, but Chef Veena’s Meen Kodan Biryani – mixed sea food Kerala style Biryani puts an end to the long dilemma over choosing either fish or Biryani. As you insert a spool-full of the spicy rice and lobsters in oyster sauce, it melts in the mouth diffusing a heavenly feeling. Kung Nang Khee Mao — wok fried drunkened lobster with Thai ginger finger, fresh green pepper in Thai oyster sauce, promises to stir your senses with a flavourful encounter. Another mention-worthy dish is the Phad Khing Pla – sole fillet with black fungus and celery stems; with some steamed rice the sole fillets will win your heart right away.

Phad Khing Pla

While you plan on a sweet ending, try their coconut ice cream with some salted peanuts as suggested by the chef. Even though it might sound a little unnerving, the combination is quite classy. Talking of class, caffeine enthusiasts must try the coffee ice cream at The Spice Route. The bittersweet enigma of coffee blended into one of the coolest desserts on the planet is a must-have for all the not-so-sweet-tooth foodies. While you let the taste of coffee spread over your senses gradually, you will experience the tantalising aromatic java jerk up your senses to an energising start after the meal.

Chef Veena Arora- Chef De Cuisine at The Spice Route, The Imperial

Designed to offer a comforting dining experience the winter collection menu, offers some of the best seafood dishes to suit the palate of gourmet foodies. Drop in for lunch or dinner with your friends and family to relish winter through the best prawn dishes in town. The menu will be available until Januaray 31, 2018.

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