GOT season 8 was the most disappointing one. Here’s why

The eighth and final season of the widely appreciated HBO series Game of Thrones was aired almost after two years from its seventh season. While seasons 1-6 had about 10 episodes each, the seventh season had just 7 episodes and ended the season in a grand way, promising lots of grit, gore and glamour in the season to come.

However, with just six episodes, GOT season 8 turned out to be an utter disappointment to most fans. Not only was the story rushed, but it also left several questions unanswered, and mysteries unsolved.

Now, if you haven’t finished watching the lastest episode yet, come back once you’re done. (spoilers ahead)

With the finale episode airing on May 20 (India) many fan theories and hopes of a just and grand ending of the decade long series were crushed in just 80 minutes!

Mixed reviews, a stray water bottle, and pleas for a spinoff for the feisty Arya Stark marked the end of the series, which had another shocking death and an unlikely character named as king.

“There were too many plot holes on the entire season, same holds true for the finale… But one scene that broke my heart was the only scene of Drogon with Dany’s corpse, and I liked how he destroyed the Iron Throne, the root of all evil. He was the ‘Breaker of chains’ in the truest sense of the term,” expressed Anwesha Banerjee.

Another GOT fan had a quite interesting and likeable finale in his mind. Sayan Chakraborty shared, “In my head, I wanted a different finale. So, Jon is sentenced to public execution as he refuses a trial in combat… and Grey Worm wants Jon killed like Lord Varys. As soon as he says dracarys, Drogon fires up Jon, everyone thinks he is dead, but he emerges from the fire unburnt and naked like Dany did in earlier seasons. Everyone realizes he’s a true Targaryen and the Dragon king and the rightful heir to the throne… All bend the knee and curtains fall.”

Rajdeep Roy, although pretty content with the finale, had a slightly different ending in mind. “They could have given a surprise in the last scene. Like some blue eyes watching Jon and the wildlings from a distance before the end credits started,” he opined.

Kshitiz Sudhakar felt the finale was just. “It was okay for me, everyone had a closure which was kind of justified. I thought earlier that Tyrion might become the king… But Jon going back to the night’s watch was perfect, as he began from that very place.”

With several others not satisfied with an “absurd” ending, here are some questions that keep bugging us:

The prophecies in the story practically did not really play out.

  • Author George RR Martin had said earlier that the prophecies in his story will not play out like most expected, but somehow they will. After watching the finale, most viewers feel, they just didn’t play out. The prophecy of Azor Ahai or ‘the prince or princess who was promised’ is referred to by multiple characters in the books and a few times in the show. It spoke of the sacrificial death of his/her love, Nissa Nissa, as the means of forging his weapon. However, GOT just partially brought this prophecy to life before wrapping up the story with a brutal resolution to the lead characters of Jon and Dany.
  • Also, the prophecy about Cersei Lannister being killed by her younger brother remained unfulfilled. Neither Tyrion nor Jaime killed her, rather Jamie and she simply died under the debris of the Red Keep. Why would one build up a character that evil to just kill her with the Red Keep’s roof coming down on her head?
  • Why did Daenerys destroy Kings Landing and it’s people when she could have spared the lives of the innocent and head for Cersei straight?
  • Why did Arya mysteriously leave Winterfell and head to the west of Westeros?
  • The mystery of the Many-faced God was never disclosed. “That man’s life was not yours to take. A girl stole from the Many-Faced God. Now a debt is owed,” Jaqen H’ghar had told Arya, but she got out of the Free City of Braavos unharmed and came all the way to Winterfell to kill the Night King. And after all the drama in Kings Landing she just left Westeros!
  • What happened to Meera Reed after she helped Bran come home, and left Winterfell? She was never shown after that last episode in season 7.
  • How did that many Dothraki soldiers live after the war with the dead in Winterfell? That was never cleared. And where did they go after their queen died? The Unsullied soldiers were shown to be leaving for the Isle of Naath, Missandei’s home, but there was no clear closer for the Dothraki.
  • What happened to the Ellaria Sand and the Dornish Sand Snakes? We saw Cersei capture Ellaria and her daughter who she poised and said that Ellaria will witness her daughter’s death in the prison cell, in the previous season — but was that it? Since the last episode show’s a new Prince from Dorne, should we just presume that Ellaria also died during Daenerys’ mad Dracarys call in Kings Landing?
  • The Night King’s story is not very well explained — as to why he wanted to kill the living and increase his army of the dead.
  • And most importantly, what was the point of disclosing Jon’s Targaryen lineage when it led to nothing? Was killing Daenerys the reason for which the Lord of Light resurrected Aegon Targaryen?
  • And finally, Bran being the Third-eyed Raven, did he know all the way along, that he’d be the king? Let’s assume he did, since when Tyrion asked him at the Dragonpit, “Will you lead the Seven Kingdoms to the best of your abilities from this day until your last day?” Bran the Broken said, “Why do you think I came all the way?” Does that mean he knew what was coming all along and did next to nothing to change the horrific fate of the people of Westeros, and blamed it all on Tyrion?

Well, if this is any consolation — HBO had ordered a prequel last year to be co-written by author George R.R. Martin, that is set thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones.

Did you expect a different GOT finale? Share your story below in the comments section.


  1. Very well researched and beautifully written. Kudos!! We all have to agree on one thing though – nobody could have anticipated that ending, and that is the twisted beauty of this series. I, personally, don’t want all the mysteries to be resolved. I like having the space to imagine answers to the questions I have.

    Liked by 1 person

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